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Publisher Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan says print journalism is “indispensable”

Publisher Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan says print journalism is “indispensable”

Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan who is acting as Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of “Sawahel Al-Jazeera” Media Co. said that Arab countries enjoy young populations, meaning that more than 65% of their inhabitants are young people, unlike European and Western countries.

She added that the Saudi Kingdom has more than 70% of young people.

“Entrepreneurs” (Row’ad Al’ A’mal) magazine

Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan who also acts as Editor in Chief of “Entrepreneurs” (Row’ad Al’ A’mal) magazine said in a recent interview with the Saudi newspaper, (Al-Jazeera) that (Row’ad Al’ A’mal) magazine is the only source of entrepreneurship content in Saudi Arabia.

She noted that her company (Sawahel Al-Jazeera Media Co.) employs the most qualified foreign and Arab journalists, consultants, translators, and proofreaders, with more than 30 individuals on the team.

Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan explained that her interest was focused on attracting foreign writers as they have extensive experience in entrepreneurship, being ahead of the Arabs in this field, so they have a variety of backgrounds and knowledge; therefore, 80% of the published topics were written by foreign experts in this field.

Regarding her media start, she said: “I started the foundation of the corporation in 2000; As its main field of business was media production, then the year 2007 was the beginning of the press launch of the institution by obtaining the franchise of publishing the US Entrepreneur magazine, which is concerned with entrepreneurship, and the right to distribute it in 18 countries in the Arab region and the Middle East”.

In this magazine, the world’s most prominent writers in the field of entrepreneurship write to convey their experiences to novice entrepreneurs and owners of small and medium enterprises, with technical articles on how to develop a project idea, how to establish it financially, how to choose a work team, how to market it, and how to set the right price, according to Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan.

In these articles and since 2007, unemployment in the Arab world has been the main issue. Its rate was high among young people, who relied only on government jobs, which did not cover all graduates.

About the crystallization of her experience, she noted that the “Sawahel Al-Jazeera” media co. publishes 10 magazines. She added that this occurred due to the transition from media production to journalistic production. This was after intensive training in the US company that owns the magazine Entrepreneurs on journalistic work and publishing magazines.

“The Sawahel Al-Jazeera corporation became familiar with all the details of the project until the magazine – which I founded under the name of (Row’ad Al’ A’mal) (with an Arab and Saudi identity) – turned into a well-known platform within the Kingdom and the Arab world in just 5 years,” she said.

Women Empowerment Conference is in its second edition

Al-Jawhara Al-Otaishan noted the preparation for the Women’s Empowerment Conference in its second edition. She said: “We, as media professionals, must pay attention to development goals, raise citizen awareness, and clarify the tangible progress achieved by the Kingdom, specifically women’s empowerment”.

Regarding the most prominent events organized by the company, she said: “We also organize an entrepreneurship conference annually in November in conjunction with Global Entrepreneurship Week, which is a conference concerned with dealing with the latest developments in the field of entrepreneurship.”

Children’s series

The Sawahel Al-Jazeera Corporation works in other areas, such as media production, promotional and short films, and documentaries for private and government agencies. In addition, it has significant experience organizing exhibitions and conferences.

She explained that the company is currently working on a series for children that will be shown during Ramadan, under the title “Tabakhino Sawa”. The story revolves around a cook who helps children learn to make food from scratch.

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