In an announcement made on Sunday, Ministry of Health said that over 3 million people have been vaccinated against the coronavirus in Saudi Arabia.

About 70 percent of the citizens and residents have registered for the dose in the Kingdom and 500 inoculation centers are open around the country, including in pharmacies, to make sure that everyone has access to them, according to the ministry.

The ministry cleared that there are no serious side effects of the vaccine. Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Ali, spokesperson of the ministry, denied the claim that a man had died after experiencing complications caused by a dose. He added that only minor side effects, such as fever and headache were reported, which were expected.

He also cleared that there is no indication that the dose has any effect on women who plan to get pregnant. In addition, he said that nursing mothers are also eligible to receive the vaccine.

“The research is ongoing whether the vaccine is safe for pregrant women and young children,” he said.

On Friday, WHO had also cleared that there are no signs of blood clots in the AstraZeneca vaccine and that it is safe for use.

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