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Oman, Saudi Arabia discuss ways to improve judicial cooperation

The Omani Public Prosecutor, Nasr bin Khamis Al-Sawai, discussed with the Saudi Public Prosecutor Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujeb, ways to improve cooperation in the field of criminal justice, exchange experiences, and review the experiences of the two sides, to develop performance, developing capabilities and refining the skills of members.

This came during the Omani Public Prosecutor’s visit to Saudi Arabia Sunday, according to the Oman News Agency. This visit aims to develop coordination and integration between the two countries in the service of prompt justice following best practices.

Over decades, the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Oman has been characterized by a lot of stagnation, punctuated by caution at times, but it has returned to prosperity again, as suggested by the mutual initiatives between the two parties, including the establishment of a direct land port that shortens the distance between the two countries by more than 800 km, and the talks between Riyadh and Muscat at the beginning of June, regarding diversification of investment opportunities.

However, the communication between Saudi Arabia and Oman recently was not limited to enhancing economic cooperation, while the effects of the severe blows dealt by the Coronavirus to the economies of the region are becoming clear.

It plays a mediating role to resolve the dispute between the conflicting parties, and finally, it cooperates with United Nations envoys and Washington to urge the Houthi group to accept the peace initiative launched by Riyadh last March.

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