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Neom … a Saudi model for the modern urban transformation project

Since its announcement in October of 2017, the NEOM project (northwest of the Kingdom) has embodied the modern civilization project launched by the “Kingdom Vision 2030” to the world, as it has become a centerpiece and reference for the modern city’s transformation to adopt the concepts and dimensions of technological developments, and to adopt friendship The environment is in every detail, at the highest level of professionalism, normative and the concept of sustainability and transportation.

The “NEOM” project “a bold dream” was launched when Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman disclosed it in 2017, to be one of the ambitious aspirations of the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030”, and to transform Saudi Arabia into a global model in various aspects of life, by attracting value chains in industries. Technology, work mechanisms, and environmental protection approaches.

 At a time when Saudi Arabia recently announced important developments for a gigantic project called “The Line”, “NEOM” is devising a new approach to develop a future model for a major transformational industrial center. Development plans include coastal and mountainous areas that will create cognitive societies and tourist attractions, according to the highest standards.

The choice of Neom was not a coincidence, as the region has an ideal geographical location that qualifies it to achieve the goals for which it was set. Its presence at the crossroads of the world enables 40 percent of the world’s population to reach it in less than 4 hours, while 70 percent of The world can reach Neom by air within 8 hours.

 About 13 percent of the world’s trade passes through the Red Sea, and even travel from London to the new NEOM airport will take only 5 hours, two hours from Dubai or Cairo, and 5 and a half hours from Zurich in the heart of Europe.

Company «NEOM»

The Public Investment Fund is the supporter of the project, whose investments are estimated at nearly 1.8 trillion riyals (500 billion dollars), with the participation of local and international investors. Neom, as a closed joint-stock company, has a paid-up capital owned by the “public investment” that was established in 2019, On the development and supervision of the area.

Neom says on its official website that its project was born in the capacity of the Saudi Crown Prince’s vision, to become the main pillar of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for growth and diversification of sources of income for the Saudi economy, so that the Kingdom assumes a leading position in global development, noting at the same time that the Kingdom It is the one who leads and finances the “NEOM” project since its inception, but it is a global project that will be led, funded and lived by different spectrums of people around the world.

The “NEOM Company” is responsible for establishing new cities and a complete infrastructure for the region, including a port, airport network, industrial zones, innovation centers to support the arts, innovation centers that support the business sector, in addition to developing the targeted economic sectors.

Establishment of the airport

In October 2018, that is, a year after the project was announced, the CEO of the company, Engineer Nazmi Al-Nasr, announced the operation of the first airport in the city, to have weekly flights to it at the beginning of 2019, provided that the airport is one of the networks of several airports that will be included in the project.

Indeed, the airport, which bears the code of the International Civil Aviation Organization airport located in the suburb of Sharma, received the first flight of Saudi Airlines (the official carrier in the Kingdom) on January 10, 2019, via two Airbus (A320) commercial aircraft carrying 130 employees on the project.

“NEOM” concept

Official information confirms that the concept of “NEOM” is not limited to the place only, but is an intellectual orientation and a way of life. The residents of NEOM will embody the ethics and values ​​that represent the spirit of the community. They will also adopt a culture that adopts exploration, adventure, and diversity, supported by a legal system consistent with international norms. Development, aiming to produce economic growth and a society crowned with success and pride. Neom reported the following: “Imagine a place that embraces accomplishments and competencies from all corners of the earth, regardless of their beliefs and backgrounds, living side by side, united in synergy to achieve a common goal,” noting that “NEOM” will present a new model of sustainability, and it will become a place that focuses To develop new standards for community health, environmental protection, and the optimal use of technology effectively and productively.

Vital sectors

The information on the official website confirms that life will have a different shape with the economic sectors of “NEOM”, which is represented in an incomparable future for renewable energy, as it is described, as it is characterized by a climate that allows it to generate renewable energy that will be at competitive prices, thanks to the strong sun rays and wind speeds. It makes them build a system 100 percent according to that, and it will usher in a new era of energy conversion by producing green hydrogen.

The use of renewable energy in water desalination will contribute to ensuring that carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to zero, with an emphasis on avoiding the disposal of any harmful substances or waste to preserve the purity of the environment, while energy generation will be treated and converted into fertilizers, and water will be recycled to convert it into water suitable for irrigation. NEOM will lead the future of mobility, as a vital center that serves as a regional international point of contact, by sea, land, and air, as plans are underway to build a port that would stimulate global trade, and air connectivity will represent the ideal model while working to ensure a completely carbon-free system. , While road transport will be based on high-speed transportation based on the principle of sharing on demand.

NEOM will work on the future of health care, by establishing an advanced international center for biotechnology and connecting the system with health treatments in record time, to consolidate its position as the home of major biotechnology companies and promising companies in this field.

According to NEOM’s goals in vital sectors, it will pave the way for developing mechanisms for sustaining the food system, whether in difficult desert areas or outside them, as the ingredients for innovation will embrace the adoption of the smartest technologies to make a qualitative leap in this field.

Technology is at the heart of the sectors that NEOM focuses on, as it emphasized that it will not be limited to nanotechnology, 3D printing, sensors, the Internet of things, electric vehicles, robots, and renewable materials only, but will also provide the conditions conducive to the creation of systems that promote transformations and the adoption of systems Advanced manufacturing, with integrated logistical support networks backed by an advanced research and development ecosystem.

NEOM’s plans

According to the plans drawn up by Neom, by 2030, more than one million residents will be the mainstay of its population, while it will host more than 5 million tourists in the same year, at a time when it will create more than 380,000 jobs.

Work is currently underway to develop NEOM, and agreements have been signed with “Aecom” and “Bechtel” to develop the transportation infrastructure. Agreements have also been signed with “R Products” and “ACWA Power” to build a green global facility for the production of ammonia that depends on hydrogen and powered by renewable energy, cooperation has also been made with the Saudi Telecom Company to establish the infrastructure for the fifth-generation network that will support NEOM’s digital ambitions.

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