Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University Announces Arrival of Saudi Coronavirus Vaccine

The Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia announced that a team from the Institute of Medical Research and Consultation succeeded in attaining a vaccine against the emerging coronavirus.

The university expressed in a tweet in its official account on Twitter, that the research team led by Dr. Iman Al-Mansour has completed the pre-clinical trials.

The university further noted that research results have been published in the “Pharmaceutical” scientific journal with major effect.

Clinical trials are expected to start as soon as the necessary approvals are obtained.

Two days ago, Saudi Arabia warned its citizens against traveling to 12 countries without permission from the authorities in charge, in addition to any other country where the outbreak of Covid-19 was not contained.

A few days ago, the Saudi Ministry of Health called on all residents of the Kingdom to receive the vaccine distributed against the emerging coronavirus, with the intention to achieve herd immunity.

“We urge everyone to get the vaccine in order to reach community immunity which requires everyone to be vaccinated against the coronavirus,” said the ministry’s spokesman, Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aali.

He pointed out that the number of vaccine doses provided in Saudi Arabia has so far reached 178,337, adding: “We are among the best countries in resisting this pandemic.”

The number of people recovering in Saudi Arabia reached 356,382 cases, while the number of deaths reached 6,316 cases, pointing out that 50,695 new laboratory tests were conducted.

The Ministry of Health renewed its recommendation for everyone with symptoms to go to Tatman clinics that are prepared to serve those who feel symptoms of the emerging coronavirus or Verify centers which have been designated by the Ministry of Health to serve those who do not have symptoms, or who have mild symptoms and think that they have come into contact with an infected person.

 This can be done by booking an appointment through the My Health application, or by calling the center number 937 for consultations and inquiries around the clock.

Currently this application is closed to everyone and has been replaced by the interactive services of the WhatsApp application through the number 920005937, in order to benefit from its services such as to obtain health information and services; learn of the developments of the coronavirus; primary care centers; blood donation centers; appointments and how to obtain them.

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