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Nearly 180 female soldiers to control the crowds of guests at the Two Holy Mosques

Nearly 180 female soldiers will have the important task of monitoring the Two Holy Mosques. In total, 80 out of the 179 female soldiers serving in the Two Holy Mosques are from the Hajj and Umrah security forces, which are in charge of maintaining security and crowd control at the Grand Mosque in Mecca for the first time during the Ramadan season.

After learning their skills in the field and taking administrative security training programs, Medina’s female soldiers will carry out tasks in organizing women Prophet’s “Rawda” sector at the beginning of next week through 99 military personnel in the Special Force for the Security of the Prophet’s Mosque.

The mission of the Saudi female soldiers in the Two Holy Mosques is to assist the visitors, manage crowds in the corridors, organize women, and pay attention to the application of precautionary measures. Military Mona Al-Zahrani says that applying these measures to the emerging coronavirus and providing assistance to those at the Sacred House of God is one of their biggest responsibilities.

She affirmed: “We have received military training to deal with any security situations and to monitor violations”. As for the female soldier Hadeel, she added that she and her colleagues are following up on the implementation of all precautionary measures for the coronavirus, such as spacing and wearing a muzzle.

The appointment of Saudi female soldiers in the Two Holy Mosques comes as a new empowerment step for Saudi women after legislations and decisions enabling them to work in various governmental and private sectors, including the security sector, which found a large number of women.

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