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Musician Rabeh Saqr officially launches Oasis Theater, Riyadh

His Excellency Turki Al-Sheikh revealed the first concerts that come within the “Oasis Riyadh” event.

 Rabeh Saqr will inaugurate the event. Turki Al-Sheikh described Rabeh as a great musician, noting that he will cut the stage tape and he will start with his new album, while the details will be announced soon.

Rabeh Saqr responded through his Twitter account, writing: “It makes me more honorable to be the one who opens the concerts there, and I dedicate the songs of the new album to this concert .. Thank you, Abu Nasser.”

The date for the anticipated singing night has been set for Friday, January 29th. Prices and categories of tickets will be presented on the “Your Ticket” website. The concert is organized by Rotana for audio and video.

Rabeh Saqr is happy to release his new album “Hello 2021”, which he launched on 1-1-2021 and included 24 varied songs in which he was inspired by the love of his fans and followers.

 Rabeh did not miss the participation of his fans on social media during the period of preparation for his album. He also had an unprecedented public presence in “Al Jazeera musician” night, during his honor from the General Entertainment Authority in January 2020, in the midst of a ceremony befitting him and what he presented to the Saudi song in the Arab world.

 “The Oasis Riyadh” event comes with the support of the General Entertainment Authority and within the entertainment ideas initiative launched by Turki Al-Sheikh. It will last for three months, and is organized by the International Company for Organizing Events and Events, in cooperation with the Seven Experience Company and the Rotana Audio and Video Company.

The event is the first of the 20 ideas that His Excellency Turki Al-Sheikh, promised to support, as it will be held on a large area in one of the wild areas north of the city of Riyadh, and it will be keen to observe health requirements that are compatible with plans to limit the spread of the emerging Coronavirus.

Visitors will have a date with an atmosphere of fun through a variety of outdoor leisure activities, including concerts, sports games, and activities suitable for various visitors, with a group of the most famous international restaurants.

The site also includes among its available entertainment options, many different sessions, including luxury tents to spend the most beautiful times, and enjoy entertainment and artistic events and the atmosphere of recreation and relaxation.

The winter event is characterized by many aesthetic elements and designs with a modern entertainment character, according to the best international experiences, and the event also includes pavilions to display and sell a range of unique products that match the character of the event.

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