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Misk, General Electric Launch “Leadership skills Development” Initiative

By :Marwa Mahmoud

The Misk Academy of the Mohammed bin Salman Charitable Foundation “Misk Charity”, a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging learning, innovation and developing leadership skills, recently signed an agreement with General Electric (GE) in the field of developing leadership skills for senior Saudi leaders.

The agreement was signed by Omar Al-Najjar, CEO of Misk Academy, and Hisham Al-Bahkali, President and CEO of General Electric in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

The initiative aims to benefit from the experiences of one of the most important leadership academies in the world to support and enhance the skills of Saudi leaders. This is for developing authentic methods, ideas and behaviors that advance the work of civil and governmental institutions to achieve the 2030 vision.

These are the first steps in cooperation, as the Misk Academy and General Electric launched the “Accelerated Leadership Program” for a selected group of senior Saudi leaders, who have high capabilities in the governmental and private sectors. That’s in order to benefit from the programs that will be held both in class and virtual at the GEI Leadership in Croton Ville in New York. The initiative has started with a virtual session of a selected group of Saudi leaders last month, in coordination with the Misk Academy and General Electric.

Al Najjar said about the partnership: “We are delighted to cooperate with GE in the field of leadership development, given that one of the distinctive features of our leadership programs is enabling the participants to develop an original leadership style that is appropriate to face challenges of Kingdom. We are confident that by working closely With GE’s experts in Croton Ville, participants will be able to apply what they gained during this transformative experience on the ground in their work.

In this context, Hisham Al-Bahkali commented: “We are proud to partner with the MESC Academy and support the remarkable work they do to empower the Saudis and contribute directly to the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030. We are also pleased to receive future talented Saudi leaders in Croton Ville, and we look forward not only to training programs but also to learn from them in a collaborative environment.

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