Ministry of Irrigation: Egypt will witness rain that has not fallen before

Iman Sayed, head of the planning sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation, said that all Egyptian governorates will witness rain “that has not fallen on the country before.”

Iman Sayed indicated during a press conference about the weather situation in Egypt, that the planning sector at the Ministry of Irrigation is following the weather data since last Monday, and it is likely that moderate rains will occur since this evening in the desert areas in Marsa Matrouh and Giza governorates, and from tomorrow the rain will concentrate About the provinces of the Delta.

The head of the planning sector at the Egyptian Ministry of Irrigation said that the rain amounts will start from 30 millimeters on Thursday and Friday, which is more than what was previously falling, in addition to the western areas of Matrouh, Alexandria and the lake, where the rain amounts will be torrential.

She added that the continuation of rain for two consecutive days will double the degree of risk, and that starting from Saturday you will return to 5 mm, and we will monitor the governorates that receive the largest amount of rain for the next three days, namely the New Valley, Matrouh, Giza and Minya, the amount of rain will be high, calling on all devices in the governorates that Be fully prepared, to face these rains.

Iman Sayed confirmed that the crisis management units in the governorates follow the special situation in each governorate, stressing that all climate change models indicated that there will be intensity of rain on Marsa Matrouh and the northern coasts will reach 70 mm, and this has not happened before in Egypt.

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