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Minister of Transport Visits Hira Cultural District

Minister of Transport Visits Hira Cultural District

Yesterday, the Minister of Transport and Logistic Services Saleh bin Nasser Al-Jasser visited the Hira Cultural District project and the Revelation Gallery in Mecca.

Al-Jasser expressed his pleasure with what he saw in the exhibition, admiring the wonderful embodiment of the revelation story and the noble prophetic mission.

The minister also toured the sections of the Revelation Gallery, viewing its contents and the other components of the district.

وزير النقل والخدمات اللوجستية يزور حي حراء الثقافي - جريدة المدينة

He commended the cultural edifice and the scientific content of the district, the technologies used in it, and the efforts made to enrich the religious and cultural experience of visitors.

Winter Nights at Hira Cultural District


The Hira Cultural District has become a beacon for revitalizing free winter events, enhancing the quality of life for visitors and residents of Makkah through innovative presentations.

The district introduced the “Hiking Hira Mountain” activity, providing a newly paved road for climbing and exploring this timeless Islamic landmark. This experience is significant for its spiritual impact on Muslims globally.

Safety measures are prioritized for visitors during the ascent, with provisions for necessary equipment and beverages. The journey to the summit encompasses a unique historical period outlined by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), encouraging spiritual reflection.

Artistic Expression: Painting Hira’a Mountain

The district promotes artistic expression by encouraging artists of all ages to paint Hira Mountain. Additionally, this initiative nurtures and refines skills, fostering creativity and innovation among visitors.

Moreover, participants have the opportunity to showcase their unique perspectives on the mountain

Children engage in diverse, realistic experiences through recreational games, thereby creating a special atmosphere that provides a wonderful entertainment experience for families.

Moreover, these activities foster a sense of joy and connection among participants.

Makkah Caravan: Reliving the Glory of Past

As part of winter events, the district organizes the “Makkah Caravan” featuring skilled knights from the Hijaz region. This roaming experience allows visitors to relive the glory of the past and anchor the cultural heritage of the Hijaz.

Crafts, Heritage Industries Market: Shopping Extravaganza

The district enhances the winter experience with a diverse “Crafts and Heritage Industries Market.” Moreover, this market includes various commercial facilities, restaurants, and cafes. It provides a unique shopping opportunity that expresses the identity of the place and time. Additionally, visitors can immerse themselves in the cultural richness while enjoying the amenities offered.


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