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Learn about millions of years old rock formations in Oman

These aerial photos appear to be from another planet at first glance, but they are actually from a distinctive rocky outcropping in the Sultanate of Oman.

For its limestone formations and carvings sculpted by water and wind millions of years ago, the Al-Haqf area is one of the most important geological sites in the Sultanate of Oman, which attracts many tourists, including experts.

according to the “Discover Oman” website ,Huqf area in the city of Duqm in Al Wusta Governorate in Oman contains the oldest rocks ever, dating back 700 million years,

The lens of the professional Omani photographer, Haitham Al Farsi, captured these magnificent rock formations that were carved by natural factors.

In an Arabic interview with CNN, he revealed that the Al-Haqf location, can be reached by land with a four-wheel drive vehicle.

“I felt astonished as if I were on the surface of Mars,” Al-Farsi says of his first sight of the village, adding that the view from the summit “embodies the divine artistry in nature,” as he puts it.

Al Farsi notes that the problems he had throughout the aerial documentation process were represented by strong gusts and sand blowing through the air, which had a significant impact on the quality of the photography.

Al-Farsi tried to highlight the beauty and splendor of the rock formations in the Al-Haqf region during this documentation process.

The aerial footage documented by his followers on social media platforms praised and admired them.

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