Meet 1st Disabled Saudi Swimmer to Participate in Crossing English Channel

Saudi swimmer Faisal Al-Qusaibi, a disabled person, is preparing to participate in the English Channel crossing competition between England and France.

This is the first participation of able-bodied swimmers in the first operation to combine determined people and able-bodied people in the relay crossing next August.

The ambitious 2030 Vision strengthened the Kingdom’s role in empowering people of determination. Moreover, this made them an effective part of a vibrant, integrated society that values every individual’s essential role in serving the country and advancing its economy.

The vision inspired people of determination and motivated the swimmer Al-Qusaibi to attempt crossing the English Channel. It also highlights the role of determined young people in building an ambitious future and achieving world championships.

Al-Qusaibi has won many championships with the Saudi National Team for People of Determination since 2015, and won two gold and silver medals for the Kingdom at the Los Angeles Paralympics.


Al-Qusaibi’s Ambitious Challenge

Al-Kosaibi aims to add to the Kingdom’s championships by preparing to cross the English Channel in a relay between England and France with healthy swimmers. The event, led by world-class swimmer Khaled Shalabi, is set for August. Shalabi was the first to cross the English Channel with one arm.

Moreover, Al-Kosaibi continues his training in Hurghada and has successfully completed intensive swimming and physical training stages.


The English Channel Race is a famous swimming race that gets great media attention worldwide. Additionally, It involves crossing the English Channel and is considered one of the greatest challenges by long-distance swimmers.

The English Channel is located between England and France, and the distance between them is 33.5 kilometers. Furthermore, temperatures are generally moderate, sometimes falling below zero for a few days.

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