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Mecca… Discover artifacts near Al-Ma’alla cemetery

By: Marwa Mahmoud

The Municipality of the Holy Capital found 24 artifacts near the cemetery of Al-Ma’ala, while the smart car parking project contractor was drilling in the vicinity of the cemetery in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, those pieces were handed over to the Ministry of Tourism.

The spokesperson for the Municipality of the Holy Capital, Eng. Raed bin Abdullah Samarqandi, told that the antiquities found included engraved inscriptions and ancient antiquities written in Arabic calligraphy, and one of them dates back to the year 655 AH.

He added: “After the discovery of these pieces, they were preserved according to the established system, and that was in coordination with the competent authorities, including the Ministry of Tourism, and the pieces were handed over after they were formally documented.”

He explained that “the work on the smart parking project is continuous, after the Ministry of Tourism inspected the site in coordination with the services agency in the secretariat of the Holy Capital.”

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