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Lebanese President says his country is keen on better relations with Gulf countries

Lebanese President Michel Aoun said, that his country is keen to establish the best relations with Arab countries, “especially the Gulf countries,” “based on the need to separate the positions of the Lebanese state and what can be issued by individuals and groups, especially since the requirements of the democratic system in Lebanon, freedom of opinion and expression is guaranteed.

In a speech he delivered on the occasion of the 78th anniversary of Lebanon’s independence, Aoun pointed out that Lebanon has a crisis with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and some Arab Gulf states, which led to “shaking relations between them and Lebanon and to negative repercussions on several levels, including the government.”

The Lebanese president added that the constitution created a “way out of the governmental crisis”, which states that the Lebanese system is based on the principle of separation of powers.

Aoun stressed that the upcoming legislative elections are “the nation’s real opportunity,” and addressed the Lebanese people, saying: “Soon you will have an opportunity for change. Make the ballot box your weapon against corruption over the past thirty years that it can be rooted.”

Aoun warned the Lebanese against “extremism and rejecting the other,” as well as “the promotion carried out by some media to sow discord and strike trust between each other.”

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