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KSA sets 10 days as a permissible period for repeating Umrah

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has cancelled the possibility of repeating Umrah and reserving a new permission immediately after completing the previous permit, when it was discovered that the period allowed for repeating Umrah is only 10 days.

This change in establishing the permitted duration for repeating the Umrah was due to the preventive precautions that were re-applied in the Two Holy Mosques, according to the “Hajj and Umrah.”

The General Presidency for the Affairs of the two holy Mosques reported that physical separation between worshipers and pilgrims had been imposed across the Grand Mosque and its surrounding grounds.

The operation also encompassed the courtyard and the chapels inside the Great Mosque and its courtyards, thus the posters depicting the physical distance between the rows of worshipers and the pilgrims’ walkways have returned.

Following an upsurge in injuries, the Ministry of the Interior decided to reestablish the requirement to wear a muzzle and use physical distancing in all open and closed sites.

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