Kingdom is not affected by the earthquake: Saudi Geological Survey

The official spokesman for the Saudi Geological Survey, Tariq Aba Al-Khail, confirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was not affected by the earthquake that struck Turkey on Monday morning, at 4:17:35, with a magnitude of 7.7 on the Richter scale, due to the distance between the earthquake site and the Saudi border, which exceeds more than from 1000 km.


He indicated that the cause of the earthquake was the active tectonic movement of the Anatolian rift in southeastern Turkey, which is a seismically active rift due to the tectonic stresses resulting from the collision of the Arabian plate with the Eurasian plate in the Taurus Mountains region in southeastern Turkey.


The earthquake was felt by the residents of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, and Armenia. It left dozens dead and injured in Turkey and Syria, in addition to the collapse of a large number of buildings and the siege of dozens under the rubble, and caused the population to go out into the snow-covered streets.


The Turkish authorities announced the fourth degree of alert, which means a request for international assistance. The Turkish army contributes to the transfer of medical teams to the affected areas.

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