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King Salman: The world is counting on the G20 to join forces to repel Corona

The work of the G20 Virtual Summit began with an opening speech delivered by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz.

In his speech, King Salman stressed that “the Corona pandemic requires everyone to take firm measures at various levels,” adding that this epidemic has caused suffering to many citizens of the world.

He also stressed that the humanitarian crisis due to Corona requires a global response, calling for solidarity between countries.

Moreover, he said, “The world is counting on the G20 countries joining forces to confront Corona.”

He added, “A unified response should be coordinated for the G20 countries in facing this pandemic,” stressing that the G20 has a pivotal role in addressing the effects of Corona.

He renewed the Kingdom’s support to the World Health Organization fully in the face of the emerging virus.

He also said, “It is our responsibility to strengthen cooperation to search for a vaccine for the Coronavirus,” and he called for “strengthening global preparedness for future infectious diseases.”

In addition, King Salman stressed the need to restore the natural flow of goods and services as soon as possible.

“The G20 should send a signal to restore confidence in the global economy,” he said.

He also stressed that the G20 is able, jointly, to overcome the Corona crisis.

That extraordinary summit, held remotely (via video), brought together the leaders of the twenty most powerful countries economically and with them other countries and several organizations, particularly the World Health Organization, to talk about what can be done in the face of the global crisis of Corona.

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