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Khalid bin Salman: We overcame all difficulties and achieved consensus among Yemenis for a comprehensive political solution

Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Khalid bin Salman said that Riyadh had reached “achieving consensus between the Yemeni brothers to implement the most important steps of the Riyadh Agreement related to the military aspect and the formation of the Yemeni government.”

According to Okaz newspaper, Khalid bin Salman, in a tweet, described these Saudi efforts to crystallize a comprehensive political solution in Yemen, as they surpassed all difficulties with efforts to make “an exemplary way to resolve differences and restore peace, security and stability” to the southern neighbor.

The minister also praised the “effective response and sincere brotherhood from the Yemeni president, the Yemeni government, the Transitional Council, and the military leaders in Aden and Abyan, who presented the interest of Yemen as a homeland before all considerations.”

Khalid bin Salman added in his tweet, “Today, more than ever, we are looking forward to the Yemeni government to lead Yemen and its people to safety. Work is hard and the road is long, but with the determination of sincere men, disputes are abandoned, efforts are united, difficulties are relaxed and hopes are fulfilled.”

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