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Japan’s Peace Boat Docks at Port Said, Egypt with “Stop Killing Gaza” Banner

Japan's Peace Boat Ports in Port Said, Egypt with "Stop Killing Gaza" Banner
Japan’s Peace Boat hoists ‘Stop Killing Gaza’ banner during voyage to Port Said

Japan’s Peace Boat, an NGO based cruise ship, made a notable gesture in support of Gaza during its 115th round-the-world voyage.

As the vessel, named “Pacific World,” made its way to Port Said, it hoisted a large banner emblazoned with “Stop Killing Gaza” to appeal for peace in the region.

This act of solidarity was displayed as the ship made port calls in Piraeus, Greece on November 3, Istanbul, Turkey on November 5, and finally in Port Said, Egypt on November 8 and 9​​​​.

A Symbolic Voyage for Peace

Peace Boat’s action is part of its broader mission to foster peace and sustainability through educational voyages.

The organization, which has been operational since the 1990s, has a history of engaging with both Palestine and Israel, including Gaza, aiming to promote dialogue for peaceful coexistence by inviting young people from the conflicted regions aboard their ship for educational exchange programs​​.

A Strong Condemnation of Violence

The initiative to display the “Stop Killing Gaza” banner comes amid strong condemnation from Peace Boat of the violence in Gaza.

The organization expressed explicit condemnation of the killing of civilians and the holding of hostages by Hamas, calling for their immediate release.

However, Peace Boat also criticized the indiscriminate bombardment of Gaza, including attacks on hospitals, schools, and residential buildings; it also ctiticized the restrictions on essential services like water, food, fuel, and aid, citing these actions as violations of international humanitarian law.

They appealed for an immediate ceasefire and the urgent provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza​​.

International Advocacy and the Role of Civil Society

Peace Boat’s display of the banner is not just a call for ceasefire but also serves as an example of how civil society can engage in international advocacy.

With approximately 1,800 passengers aboard, the act represents a collective voice seeking to draw global attention to the plight of Gaza.

The image of the cruise ship with the large banner has been captured and shared widely, illustrating the impact that non-governmental organizations can have in raising awareness and advocating for humanitarian causes​​​​.

The Peace Boat’s journey to Port Said with the “Stop Killing Gaza” banner is a significant moment of activism at sea. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing conflict in Gaza and the role that organizations and individuals can play in advocating for peace and humanitarian aid.

This action by the Japan-based NGO encapsulates a poignant message of solidarity and the urgent call for an end to violence in the region.

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