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Japanese Amb in Saudi Arabia: Arabic is my 2nd favorite language

Fumio Iwai, the Japanese ambassador to the Kingdom, spoke about his learning experience in Arabic, emphasizing that it is his second favorite language after his native tongue.

“I was extremely glad to participate in the symposium (ambassadors who speak Arabic) conducted by the Al Sharqiya Literary Club yesterday,” he wrote through his official account on the short tweets site “Twitter.”

“I have discussed with the audience my experience learning Arabic, which is my favorite language after my native tongue Japanese, and as the only non-Muslim learner among the ambassadors presenting in that symposium,” he continued.

The Japanese ambassador to the Kingdom previously reported the first Arabic words he acquired after beginning his studies of the language, revealing that it was the word “duck” in a sentence that reads “Look, Dad, look duck.”

He shared a photo of two ducks at the Riyadh Golf Club on Twitter, adding that he went to the club and visited all of the favorite players, as well as two lovely ducks.

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