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Iran: Progress in talks with Saudi Arabia on Gulf security

Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Saeed Khatibzadeh said that his country “has conducted more organized contacts with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia over the past few months,” describing the talks as “good on bilateral issues.”
“We have held several rounds of talks with the Saudi government in Baghdad over the past few months,” Zadeh added, in a statement to the Iranian news agency IRNA.
“These conversations never ended,” he said, adding that “messages were exchanged at the proper level when the government of President Ibrahim Raisi began its duties.”
He went on to say that the Tehran leadership wants to “address the area’s problems inside the region itself,” and that a “complete regional framework” is needed.
“We can have a stable and excellent relationship between the two key nations in the area, namely Saudi Arabia and Iran if a comprehensive regional framework is achieved,” Zadeh added.

King Salman: Iran is a neighboring country

This comes just hours after King Salman bin Abdulaziz referred to Iran as a “neighboring country,” expressing his hope that “our initial talks with it will lead to tangible results to build confidence and pave the way for our peoples to achieve their aspirations in establishing cooperative relations based on the commitment to the principles and resolutions of international legitimacy, and respect for Sovereignty.”
King Salman underlined the necessity of ridding the Middle East area of all weapons of mass destruction in a taped speech to the United Nations General Assembly.
In this regard, the Kingdom supports international efforts aimed at stopping Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, and it expresses its grave worry over Iranian actions that violate its pledges and contradict what Iran consistently professes to be its peaceful nuclear program.

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