International Conference on Education … Remarkable sign of the Kingdom’s leadership

By : Dr. Rajaa Showkat

        The work of the International Conference and Exhibition for Education on May 8-9, 2022 came as an extension of the efforts of the Ministry of Education to achieve the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 in building people, contributing to the development of society, strengthening the partnership between educational institutions, and building bridges of communication with the largest educational institutions around the world.

         His Excellency the Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al-Sheikh, opened the conference, announcing the start of working sessions with the participation of their Excellencies Ministers of Education and a group of international specialists at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center.

 The first main session, which discussed (educational policies in light of challenges), was attended by His Excellency the Minister of Education and Technical Education in Egypt, His Excellency the Minister of Education in the United Arab Emirates, His Excellency the International Director of Education at the World Bank, and the Special Representative of the British Prime Minister in Saudi Arabia.

      In his speech, His Excellency the Minister of Education emphasized that (the conference opens wide windows towards the desired opportunities for development and creativity, and helps in providing innovative solutions and non-traditional alternatives to face challenges and come up with recommendations of additional value for education).

 His Excellency also pointed out the emphasis on the positives included in the Corona pandemic, the most important of which are the transformations that enabled the Kingdom to develop all operating systems related to education, especially digital transformation plans that changed education trends and strengthened by directing the culture of society as a whole towards e-learning.

         The conference also reviewed the opportunities available for developing educational outcomes, incentives for investment in the educational field, and studying solutions that contribute to reducing crises.

Which faces the educational process, with the participation of 262 local and international bodies from 23 countries, by holding 131 workshops and 11 sessions, in addition to the participation of some educational institutions and international universities, more than 54 American universities, and more than 50 British universities.

 In addition to the participation of public and private universities and those interested and investors in the field of education.

       On the sidelines of the conference, the Education and Training Evaluation Commission represented by the National Center for Evaluation, Training, and Academic Accreditation (Accreditation) signed an agreement to implement evaluation studies for King Saud University. The agreement included the accreditation of 150 academic programs, 110 of which are programs for the postgraduate studies stage and 40 programs for the bachelor’s stage in the largest signing of program accreditation agreements.  

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