IDBI commences Smart System for Financial Stability Project

The Islamic Development Bank Institute has commenced the initial model construction of a project titled “Smart System for Financial Stability”. This system operates on an algorithm aimed at maintaining the stability of traded assets in regulated markets.

It can be adapted to any type of assets including stocks, bonds, digital currencies, as well as central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Deep analyses conducted by the institute on this system demonstrated its ability to significantly reduce fluctuations in traded assets without the need for capital reserves or foreign reserves.

Project Initiation

This project aligns with the strategic goal of the institute in developing knowledge solutions in the field of financial technology, to enhance the Islamic financial industry among the member countries of the Islamic Development Bank and globally.

 IDB Institute

Known for its innovative financial solutions, IDB is a beacon of Islamic financial and economic research. It continually strives to foster sustainable economic development within the Islamic financial sector.

Technological Integration

Utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain, the IDB Institute aims to create a robust framework.

This framework is expected to provide real-time monitoring and analysis of financial transactions and trends.

Enhanced Oversight

The Smart Financial Stability System is designed to provide enhanced oversight over financial transactions.

This is crucial for preventing financial crises and ensuring the robustness of the Islamic banking sector.

Real-Time Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of financial transactions will be a cornerstone of this system. It is envisioned to provide timely insights, thus enabling prompt interventions when necessary.

The initiative by the IDB Institute to develop a Smart Financial Stability System exemplifies a forward-thinking approach.

It encapsulates the integration of modern technology to foster financial stability, reflecting the Institute’s commitment to advancing the Islamic financial sector.


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