Hilton Worldwide Employs 5,000 Saudis in Hotel Sector

Saudi Arabia's Hotel Industry Expansion

As Saudi Arabia is currently experiencing a significant surge in hotel and hotel room construction across the country, Hilton employed 5000 professional Saudis in the hotel sector. There is a notable increase in the number of hotels, particularly five-star establishments. This boom includes attracting many luxury hotel brands, with several recently announcing new regional offices in Saudi Arabia.

Hilton’s Expansion in Saudi Tourism Infrastructure

Chris Nassetta, CEO of Hilton Group, expressed his delight at the rapid development of Saudi Arabia’s tourism infrastructure. He confirmed that Hilton is actively expanding across various tourist destinations in Saudi Arabia. Moreover, Nassetta pointed out that two-thirds of Hilton’s project portfolio in Saudi Arabia is currently under construction. The group is working to quadruple its presence throughout the kingdom.

Employment Opportunities & Professional Training

Furthermore, Hilton’s upcoming projects are expected to create 10,000 jobs, planning to employ over 5,000 skilled Saudi nationals in hospitality sector. Nassetta emphasized Hilton’s commitment to creating a goal-oriented work environment. This involves partnerships with academic institutions to offer training programs, enabling Saudi citizens across the kingdom to pursue permanent careers in the hospitality industry.

Cooperation between Hilton & Saudi Arabia

Last year, Hilton and the Saudi Tourism Authority (STA) signed a MoU to draw tourists to the Kingdom from important markets in the Middle East and Africa. The signing of this MoU is a continuation of the STA’s continued efforts to establish reliable partnerships with important participants in Saudi Arabia’s tourist industry. In addition, the MoU helps in drawing new segments of regional tourists and helps the Kingdom achieve its 2030 objectives.

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 Goals

Saudi Arabia aims to increase its number of hotel rooms to over 500,000 by 2030. This expansion aligns with Vision 2030’s goal to draw 150 million visitors by 2030 and boost tourism’s GDP contribution by 10%. This plan highlights Saudi Arabia’s aim to become a global tourism hub with its unique culture and growing infrastructure.

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