“Green Youth”Summit kicks off in Saudi Arabia to raise environmental awareness

The “Green Youth” Summit got underway, intending to raise awareness about the importance of environmental concerns and how to address them.

The participants in this summit seek to shape the future of climate action within the framework of interactive activities and intense discussions.

The opening session was titled “How Saudi leaders Devote Youth Voices.”

Energy and youth

The discussion focused on the experiences of several young people working in the Kingdom’s energy industry, as well as their desire to build a more sustainable society and how this is represented in their work.

The participants stressed the need to promote and support youth efforts in preserving the environment and using clean energy.

The summit includes workshops on the future of climate action, as well as the development of committees comprised of the most notable youth activists.

The summit also includes a discussion of rehabilitating degraded lands, preserving marine life, and reducing carbon emissions.

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