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Google, Reveals the End of Free Uploading of Photos

Google revealed the date for ending the free and unlimited uploading of photos on the “Google Photos” site, in a move that was long expected.

The giant company Google said in its blog that the feature of free and unlimited storage of images is nearing its end, adding that “starting from June 2021, this service will stop.”

Google has clarified that it would give users 15 GB of free storage, noting that it will “last for several years for users,” and added: “More than 15 MB will be a paid service.”


Starting from next June, any new image or video uploaded in high quality to “Google Photos” will be counted within the free storage quota. If it exceeds the allowed limit, the subscriber will have to choose one of the available packages of Google.

These packages start from 100 GB and will be available for two dollars a month.

It is interesting to notice that “Google” found itself obliged to start this new strategy, in light of the presence of more than 4 trillion images stored in “Google Photos,” and 28 billion new pictures and videos are added to them weekly.

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