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Global Labor Market Conference to Kick off in Riyadh

Global Labor Market
Global Labor Market

In December 2023, Riyadh will play host to the first annual Global Labor Market Conference (GLMC), a pioneering event that brings together policymakers, industry leaders, and experts from around the world. This groundbreaking conference, organized by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development of Saudi Arabia, aims to explore the evolving dynamics of the global labor market. Also, it is offering a unique platform for the discussion of labor market resiliency and future trends.

Global Labor Market Conference Agenda and Themes

At the heart of the GLMC lies an ambitious agenda focused on addressing the major challenges and opportunities within global labor markets. The conference will also delve into several key areas:

1. Labor Market Mega-Trends:

Participants will explore developments in labor laws, standards, and policies, crucial for future-proofing workforces and workplaces.

2. Generative AI and Productivity:

The Global Labor Market Conference will hold nuanced discussions on the impact of emerging technologies on global labor markets. It will particularly address the productivity conundrum and global skills gaps exacerbated by technological advancements.

3. Labor Market Demographics:

A significant focus will be on the changing demographics within the workforce, encompassing both new generation workers and older employees, and strategies to integrate and retain them in the evolving workplace.

4. Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Well-being:

The Global Labor Market Conference will address shifts in worker expectations regarding corporate social responsibility, work conditions, and overall workplace well-being.

5. Education and Skills Development:

GLMC 2023 will highlight the importance of education, skills gaps, upskilling, and reskilling, advocating for innovative best practices and programs for employee and government adoption.

A Global Convergence

The GLMC represents a major convergence of over 2000 participants. They include labor ministers, business leaders, and heads of international organizations from around 40 countries. With more than 40 sessions and over 150 speakers, the conference is set to be the largest gathering of its kind, offering a rich platform for dialogue and exchange of ideas on labor market issues.

Impact and Expectations

The Global Labor Market Conferenceis expected to significantly adress understanding and development of innovative solutions to labor market challenges. The conference is adopting an evidence-based approach and welcoming insights from a diverse range of leaders and experts. Accordingly, the GLMC is poised to be a catalyst for positive change in the global labor market.

Key Focus: Future-proofing Workforces

A key objective of the GLMC is to develop strategies and policies that future-proof global workforces against the backdrop of rapid technological and demographic changes. This entails not only adapting to current trends but also anticipating future shifts in labor market dynamics.

The Role of Saudi Arabia

KSA’s role in spearheading this initiative underscores its commitment to being at the forefront of addressing global labor market challenges. The GLMC is aligned with the Kingdom’s vision to diversify its economy and invest in human capital development. Thus, it is positioning itself as a key player in shaping the future of global labor markets.

The Global Labor Market Conference in Riyadh will be a landmark event in the world of labor and employment. The conference will bring together a diverse array of stakeholders. Thus, it aims to pave the way for innovative solutions and policies that will shape the future of work globally. As the world converges in Riyadh this December, the stage is set for a transformative discussion on the evolving landscape of the global labor market.

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