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Germany arrests 25 people on charges of planning a coup against the government

German police announced, on Wednesday morning, the raid on a terrorist cell known as Reichsbürger (“Reich citizens”) and the arrest of 25 people.

The German newspaper NTV reported that the cell was part of a far-right movement that wanted to overthrow the government.

A spokeswoman for the city of Karlsruhe indicated that 22 of the detainees were members of a terrorist organization. This is in addition to the arrest of two people who are considered leaders of the gang, and three others who are supporters.

The German NTV website added that the defendants planned to overthrow the government and overthrow the regime, according to a spokeswoman for the Karlsruhe city authority.

The spokeswoman said: There are 27 suspects, according to the German “NTV” website.

50 people plotted to start a war


The Federal Prosecutor’s Office accuses 50 women and men of forming a terrorist organization. This is to overthrow the constitutional order of the Federal Republic of Germany and create a state modeled on the German Empire of 1871.

And according to the German “Tages Shaw” website, the group planned to storm the “Reichstag” building, the seat of the German parliament, to cause a civil war by attacking energy supplies, and dismissing the federal government to seize power after that.

A German soldier is among the accused


The investigations by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office against the suspects from the “Reichsbürger scene are also directed against a KSK soldier.

According to Süd-Westchehe newspaper, among the main suspects is the “prince of the organization”, a former member of the Alternative for Germany party in the Bundestag.

Expanded counter-terrorism operation


Marko Buschmann, Federal Minister of Justice, described the nationwide raid as an anti-terrorist operation, confirming via his Twitter post that there was a suspicion that an armed attack on constitutional bodies was being planned.

Who are the citizens of the Reich?


The “Citizens of the Reich” are people who do not recognize the federal republic and its democratic structures, not to mention their refusal to pay taxes. In addition, they’re always involved in a struggle for power, estimated at 21,000 people; in 2016,6 they shot four policemen.

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