Four people earned $ 185 billion during Corona pandemic

By : Marwa Mahmoud

While the entire world has entered into a severe economic crisis since the spread of Corona virus and the imposition of a comprehensive closure in many countries of the world, the four wealthiest people in the world have managed to achieve billionaires unimaginable profits thanks to the transformations witnessed in the stock markets during the chaotic period that It prevailed over the past weeks and months.

According to data and information published by the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”, the billionaire and the wealthiest man in the universe, Geoff Bezos, founder of the American company “Amazon” managed to set a record when he achieved gains amounting to ten billion pounds (13 billion dollars) within one day, to be In doing so, he recorded the largest profits ever achieved in one day and for one person in history.

No one other than Bezos had ever been able to achieve this amount of financial profits within one day, but the man succeeded in doing so thanks to the Corona pandemic that caused a major transformation in the markets, and caused huge gains for some businessmen while others incurred giant losses.

The newspaper says that the shares of “Amazon” rose dramatically during the Corona pandemic after the company’s sales recorded a boom during the pandemic due to the increasing number of people relying on e-shopping during the closing period.

The other billionaire Elon Musk, founder of the giant Tesla company that leads the electric car industry, and the founder of SpaceX, which plans to invade space in tourist trips, was able during the Corona pandemic, that is, since last March until now, to achieve gains. It exceeded 50 billion dollars, where its wealth before the pandemic was 25 billion dollars, and it is now 75 billion.

The third beneficiary of Corona is billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the Facebook network, which millions of people spent many hours on its pages during the closure.

Zuckerberg was able to achieve financial profits during the pandemic amounted to 37 billion dollars, where his wealth last March amounted to 55 billion dollars, but now it exceeds 92 billion dollars.

Finally, the fourth beneficiary during Corona is Bill Gates, whose wealth since March last increased by more than 20 billion US dollars, before the pandemic was 98.5 billion dollars, but it is now 119 billion dollars.

With these numbers, these four giants alone have reaped a total of 185 billion US dollars, at a time when many countries and major companies are suffering from deep financial crises because of the pandemic and the closure that caused them.

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