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Abbas Dahouk: Iran wants to reduce US pressure through its recent agreement with China

The recent agreement between China and Iran created a global bang, as it gives Iran leverage in confronting its regional and international rivals and increasing its danger in the region.

According to the British “Independent” report, the long-discussed trade, investment, and defense agreement between Iran and China over the weekend provide a greater opportunity for Tehran to catch a breath as it tries to counter US pressure to return to the nuclear deal without preconditions.

The former senior military advisor of the US State Department, Abbas Dahouk, said that China and Iran are among the most threatening countries to the United States of America, and that the two countries share one goal, which is to counter US interests in the Middle East. He opined that China-Iran agreement is a seious challenge to the US defense posture in the region and a counterpunch to the US “pivot to Asia” policy.  

Dahouk added that Iran seeks access to revenue through selling oil and natural resources to China. China, on the other hand, is completely dependent on Middle East oil importing about 60% of its needs from the Gulf region, mainly from Saudi Arabia and Iraq. Through this agreement, Iran can reduce economic restrictions imposed on it by the United States of America and China will gain closer access to much needed regional resources. But it remains unclear if any immediate, concrete changes will arise from the 25-year-old agreement between Beijing and Tehran.

Iran and China are conducting joint military exercises, most recently with Russia in the Indian Ocean in February, and they have cooperated on intelligence matters for years, and Tehran is believed to have provided Beijing with sensitive information about US drones and human espionage networks.

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