Flyadeal Participates in Dubai Airshow 2023

Flyadeal, the economic arm of Saudi Arabian Airlines, announced its participation in the 18th edition of Dubai Airshow.

The show is scheduled for November 13, 2023, the event expects over 1,400 airlines from 95 countries.

Moreover, visitors’ numbers are expected to exceed numbers of previous editions.

Innovation and Cooperation


This participation offers Flyadeal an ideal platform to showcase its new, innovative products. The company aims  to advance budget aviation industry.

Therefore, they aim to enhance traveler experience with electronic services and to engage with global industry players for collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Showcasing Advanced Technology


Flyadeal will display its latest Airbus 320 Neo aircraft at the airshow.  Other 180 planes will showcase cutting-edge technologies and performance capabilities.

Moreover, this exhibition will reinforce Flyadeal’s status as a leading airline in the Middle East.

Executive Insights


Sanjiv Kapoor, Flyadeal’s interim CEO, commented on the significance of the Dubai Airshow 2023 as a prestigious global event.

Thus, he views it as a prime opportunity to explore aviation innovations and share expertise in this rapidly evolving field.

Kapoor emphasized Flyadeal’s contribution to the event, particularly in budget aviation services, showcasing their latest technologies and commercial aircraft.

Acknowledgments and Future Collaborations


In his statement, Kapoor expressed gratitude to the event’s organizers. He looks forward to collaborating and exchanging expertise with global aviation companies.

Furthermore, Kapoor welcomed the opportunity to discuss technological advancements and industry challenges.

Beyond the Exhibition


Alongside the Dubai Airshow, the event will host conferences featuring over 300 speakers.

These talks, spanning around 80 hours, will cover key aviation topics. Subjects include environmental sustainability, industry challenges, and artificial intelligence technology.

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