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Ethiopia closes its embassy in Cairo ‘temporarily’ for ‘financial reasons

Ethiopia’s ambassador to Egypt, Marcos Tekele, announced his country’s decision to shut its embassy in Cairo beginning in October due to the country’s economic circumstances.

Takli stated in a statement to the media on Sunday that the embassy’s activity in Cairo has been suspended for financial and economic reasons, as well as to minimize the embassy’s management expenditures, adding that the embassy’s closure will last 3 to 6 months.

He emphasized that the closure of the Ethiopian embassy in Cairo has nothing to do with the GERD issue presently engulfing Ethiopia, Egypt, and Sudan and that the embassy’s commissioner will administer it and look after Ethiopian interests in Cairo during the suspension of the embassy’s operations.

Ethiopia’s decision to withdraw its embassy in Cairo is part of a larger plan to close embassies in around 30 countries owing to economic and material situations, including Algeria, Morocco, and Kuwait. However, Addis Ababa did not break diplomatic ties with any of these nations.

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