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The Egyptian Serum and Vaccine Authority disclosed the signs of infection with the so-called “Florona” sickness, which is caused by a dual infection with the Corona virus and influenza, as well as its consequences and the groups most prone to it.

Amjad Al-Haddad, head of the Immunology and Allergy Department at the Serum and Vaccine Authority, explained to Al-Watan newspaper that “infection with the Corona virus and influenza at the same time affects the immune system and causes many complications and symptoms that result from infection with two different viruses, and leads to an increase in side effects.

” “The first case of a lady suffering from the Corona virus and influenza virus was identified within Israel, in what is known as Florona,” he said.

Amjad Al-Haddad stated that “the symptoms that occur from infection with “Florona” are similar to the symptoms of Corona and the symptoms of influenza,” and that they are characterized by the following symptoms:

“- High temperature

Loss of sense of smell and taste

Sore throat

– feeling a headache

Pain in joints and muscles

– Runny nose

“There are numerous difficulties that follow from infection with Florona, especially for late instances that suffer from immune system disorders,” Al-Haddad said, adding that “Florona produces significant inflammation in the respiratory system, in addition to harming the lungs of smokers.”

The head of the Department of Immunology and Allergy also revealed that “the age groups most vulnerable to infection with Florona are the elderly, children, and people with immunodeficiency,” emphasizing the importance of all preventive and precautionary measures such as wearing a mask, washing hands, maintaining physical and physical distance, and being in well-ventilated areas.

He also stated that “Florona sickness may affect persons who did not receive the Corona virus vaccination or the influenza vaccine during the previous time,” emphasizing the need of acquiring the vaccine to avoid infection with this disease.

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