eGlob Expo 2nd edition to take place in Saudi Arabia :Tariq Jaarour

The first international conference “eGlob Expo” on e-Commerce, e.Logistics, entrepreneurship, and investment will be held next May in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital under the slogan of the digital economy and investing in logistics.


The second edition of the conference and its activities are planned to take place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is because of the significant economic renaissance it bears, the opening of investment prospects in it, and the 2030 vision.


To get more details on the conference, LEADERS MENA magazine sat down with Tariq Jaarour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Trio LLC. This is the organizing company for the conference.


Can you tell us more about the activities of your next conference in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital next May?


The conference will serve as a table for presenting experiences and ideas for projects that have not been realized on the ground and need more experience, encouragement, and financing, as well as emerging, small, and medium projects that seek development without deviating from their true goal for which they were established and correcting their paths.


The conference is a unique experience as it will bring together all e-brands from around the world to learn about the latest eBiz-focused tactics and strategies, integrate, and find partners with solutions to help them take their business to the next level with successful digital transformation.


What is the idea behind the slogan “Invest in Logistics”? 


We emphasize the importance of private investment in logistics, especially since it is managed globally in this sector. As changes are instantaneous in this sector, whether in technologies or the prices of these services, which requires flexibility in determining the profit margin on the one hand and the other hand the acquisition or merger with other entities in this sector, which is a key factor for building large economic entities facing challenges and market fluctuations. 


And as I said, the private sector has the flexibility to conclude such deals on behalf of the government sector. This is governed by many local or international factors such as responsibility, commitment, bureaucracy, and bearing the burden of conflicts or market fluctuations. Therefore, we find today, whether in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, an interest in investment and the private sector. In addition, we find emerging companies and small and medium enterprises that represent the mainstay of the national economy.


We affirm that the forum will be the first technological and logistical conference that presents innovative technological solutions in the field of logistics, highlighting mechanization and digitization, and reducing the cost of commercial and industrial solutions and logistics industries, so that there is a digital infrastructure for smart manufacturing so that it is in line with the serious challenges of the fourth industrial revolution in terms of artificial intelligence, automation, the Internet of things and the blockchain and others.


Why did you choose to launch the first edition in Egypt? And why was it your concern that Saudi Arabia would be the second stop for that event?! 


Egypt and Saudi Arabia are the two main stations in the world of trade and business locally, regionally, and globally, because of the logistical and port infrastructure that both countries enjoy and also their geo-strategic location which is a crucial point for the Arab trade movement together.


The conference is a global forum on Egyptian soil. It includes all international companies specialized in the field of digital transformation. The conference contributes to the integration of emerging companies in addition to contributing value to the Egyptian economy.


The forum represents an opportunity to present investment opportunities in Egypt and Saudi Arabia in a field that is the backbone of the trade, which is logistics and sea, dry, and land ports, and put it up for dialogue to support the idea of the logistics center, which is the strategy of the two countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in 2030, to become the largest logistics center in the region.


What will make the conference unique considering the global challenges in the logistics industry? How will its activities address the most relevant topics and pillars?


The conference agenda includes various sessions allowing participants to discuss upcoming industry trends. They will also listen to expert opinions on key issues, learn about upcoming products and consumer needs, and study market changes in the coming period and its ongoing challenges.


The program also includes discussion sessions related to all fields of industry, where the conference will hold seminars, workshops, and round tables on many financial, economic, and commercial issues in Egypt and other countries of the world, especially since the world, including Egypt and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, are interested in e-commerce, which now represents a large percentage of the global trade movement and the interest of the private sector and the increasing growth in e-commerce companies, which are witnessing a significant increase, whether in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, as it reaches ten times every year, which makes Egypt one of the largest dynamic markets in the world as well as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Do the activities of the conference include many other topics such as opportunities for emerging companies to meet with financing institutions?


The eGlobExpo conference explores the future of digital transformation. It learns about the latest technologies and insights from leading brands and service providers to help companies build a successful digital transformation strategy. 


Also, the event includes thousands of professionals and experts from all fields and solution providers around the world, which provides an opportunity for entrepreneurs and startup owners to communicate with them and learn from their previous experiences so that their businesses can advance globally under the shadow of global competitions, and supporting them, whether by direct financing or financing through the acquisition of stakes in these companies, especially since digital transformation is the future of all businesses and industries.


This conference highlights the importance of digital infrastructure and the transfer of modern technology to existing companies and start-ups. To what extent will this be announced or implemented through the activities of the conference?


The conference represents an opportunity for partnership, merger, and exchange of supplies and digital data in the field of e-commerce, logistics technology, digital dealing, and billing to other electronic transactions, which means the transfer of these modern technologies to small and medium companies in the Egyptian market.


Funding is one of the most challenging problems for startups. To what extent do you have solutions to it?

Funding has many faces, direct financing, or financing through acquiring shares in these companies. This is an essential aspect. Large and international institutions have expressed their interest and willingness to take practical steps in this regard.


We are interested in e-commerce, one of the conference’s most significant axes and objectives. To what extent did this interest come from this file, which has become the focal point of the global trade movement?


Indeed, e-commerce represents one of the most important components of the global trade movement in light of our entry into the world of digitization, which has become part of the “life” movement now, and it is a growing trade in the world, as it represents 2 billion online marketers in the world. Only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, more than 80 billion Saudi riyals in 2021. A 14% increase from 2020 and UNCTAD is required to provide a projection of global trade reaching a record level of 32 trillion dollars in 2022, as it is the “future” of international trade.


Why did you become interested in the land transport and multimodal transport sector?! Didn’t this sector, whether in Egypt or the Saudi Kingdom, receive the required attention?! 


The land transport and multimodal transport sectors are a real “lung” for the logistics industry. In Egypt, the Egyptian government has taken care of establishing the infrastructure for this vital sector. It can be connected to seaports or dry ports as a result of this infrastructure. This provides a logistical extension that complements the supply chain.


In Saudi Arabia, according to Vision 2030, the interest in these sectors came as a strategic importance for the trade movement, as the total lengths of future railways were increased, and the implementation of the “land bridge” project is one of the most important components of the strategy.


 Connecting the Kingdom’s ports on the coasts of the Arabian Gulf and the Red Sea with modern logistical centers, centers for economic activities, industrial cities, and mining activities. This will contribute to promoting sustainable development, creating a safe and highly efficient link network, and relieving pressure on land roads.


It will also create an efficient supply and transport system within the Kingdom. 


In the future, its importance and efficiency will increase as it is linked to the Gulf network.



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