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Diriyah selected as the Capital of Arab Culture for 2030

“For its everlasting symbolism at the level of culture locally and regionally, and its history with a civilized legacy,” the Arab Organization for Education, Culture, and Science “ALECSO” announced Diriyah as the capital of Arab culture in 2030.

The declaration occurred after the Arab Ministers of Culture approved Diriyah as the Arab Capital of Culture for 2030 at their annual conference under the aegis of the ALECSO, which was held in the Emirate of Dubai, UAE, from December 19 to 20.

The choice was backed by the organization’s permanent committee for culture, making it the second time a Saudi city has been chosen as the Arab capital of culture, following Riyadh’s selection in 2000.

Saudi Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Farhan said that the choice of Diriyah is the culmination of the march of the first Saudi state’s capital, as well as the historical and civilization it produced over centuries, making it the most prominent historical site full of great movement and cultural impact that will last forever.

He explained that this decision follows Riyadh’s designation as the capital of Arab culture in 2000, “and this is a consolidation of the status of two cities of high cultural and knowledge value,” adding that “the connection of the coronation of Diriyah to the year 2030 in particular, carries great connotations, as it is the same year that is associated with It contains the comprehensive national development goals of Vision 2030.”

In 2017, a royal order established the Diriyah Gate Development Authority to highlight it as one of the largest major Saudi projects, “in exchange for its cultural and knowledge position, making it the most prominent capital that is full of all its elements that will become one of the most important global cultural tourist destinations,” according to the order.

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