Crown Prince Camel Festival to kick off in Taif, with prizes worth SAR 56 million

Camel and racing enthusiasts are waiting for the Crown Prince Camel Festival 2022, which is scheduled to start on the 23rd of this month, in Taif Camel Square.

 This race is one of the oldest camel fields in the Kingdom, and it is a major destination for camel owners and lovers.

The Crown Prince Camel Festival is the biggest race; It extends over 44 days of competition between participants from different Gulf and international countries.

The race includes several categories in its preliminary stage, which are “Al-Mafarid, Al-Haqiq , Al-Laqaya , Al-Jaz’, Al-Thanaya , Al-Hil , Al-Zamoul , and the marathon race.”

The final stage includes runs from the categories of “Al-Haqiq, Al-Laqaya, Al-Jaz’a, Al-Thaniah, Al-Hil, Al-Zamoul, and the “Ram’u Al-Hilal and Al-Zumol” category.

 In total, these runs consisted of approximately 591 runs over 44 days, while the distances of the runs varied between 2 and 6 kilometers.

Crown Prince Camel Festival Awards 2022

 The festival includes many awards; where his prizes are the largest in value at the level of Saudi sports,

 The prizes are estimated at more than 56 million riyals, in addition to the “Sword of the Crown Prince” prize of one million riyals.

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