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Cloud seeding in Saudi Arabia provokes a wide interaction

Cloud seeding in Saudi Arabia provokes a wide interaction

Activists on social media circulated videos and photos of the first cloud seeding operation in Saudi Arabia over the capital, Riyadh, Qassim, and Hail.

SPA reported that “the implementation of the artificial rain program in the Kingdom aims to increase the rainfall rate in the Kingdom from the current rate, which does not exceed 100 mm annually,

The Kingdom is considered one of the driest countries in the world, and it does not contain permanent bodies of water such as rivers and lakes.

“The operating room associated with the program was opened yesterday at the headquarters of the National Center of Meteorology in Riyadh, which is involved with monitoring the clouds likely to rain,” Ayman Ghulam, supervisor of the cloud seeding program, stated.

He stated that the implementation of the first flights over the Riyadh region has begun, and it has achieved its desired goals in terms of the success of the rain seeding process and its time factor.

He added: “The current operations of rain seeding are working according to the time plan prepared for them and within the framework of the operational work, in cooperation with all concerned parties.

The operating room has been established to observe clouds and identify seeding sites. A designated aircraft would sow “environmentally friendly” stimulating materials in specific places of the clouds, to stimulate the process of precipitation in the targeted areas and increase the amount of rain.

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