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Biden: “Iran will never get a nuclear weapon while I’m in power.”

US President Joe Biden said in a meeting with his Israeli counterpart Reuven Rivlin that his commitment to Israel is solid. He looks forward to meeting new Prime Minister Naftali Bennett soon.

In his first meeting with a senior Israeli official since taking office, Biden added that Iran would not obtain a nuclear weapon while he is in power.

At the opening of their conversation at the White House, Biden informed his Israeli counterpart: “My commitment to Israel is ironclad,” adding that they would cover various concerns, including Iran.

“I can assure you that while I am in office, Iran will never have a nuclear weapon,” Biden stated.

He again reaffirmed his support for Israeli peace deals with Arab countries while also pointing out that Israel is thriving in Africa.

Bennett took office as Israel’s new prime minister, succeeding Benjamin Netanyahu, just weeks before the meeting. Biden and Bennett are expected to meet in the coming weeks, according to US sources.

The meeting came amid concern in Israel and Arab capitals about the United States’ efforts to return to the Iranian nuclear agreement.

US efforts to revive the nuclear agreement, which former President Donald Trump withdrew from in 2018, are proceeding slowly, in light of Tehran’s insistence that the United States lift all economic sanctions imposed on it.

Before the conference, reports predicted that the topic of discussion would be Israel’s 11-day conflict with Gaza. The US had promised to update Israel’s Iron Dome missile defence system, which had been utilised extensively during the Gaza war.

Rivlin will step down on 7 July after seven years in office and be replaced by Yitzhak Herz, the Jewish Agency head.

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