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Arab States Hold 7th Meeting for Intellectual Property, Praise Progress

Through visual communication technology and with the participation of government officials from intellectual property offices in Arab countries, the Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department of the Arab States held the seventh meeting of the Technical Committee for Intellectual Property.

The Director of the Intellectual Property and Competitiveness Department at the Arab States, Dr. Maha Bakhit, praised the efforts made and are still ongoing since the start of the “new Corona” pandemic in light of the repercussions of the pandemic and the challenges that the world faces up to this moment on all levels.

She indicated that the agenda included presenting some experiences of intellectual property offices in Arab countries in light of the consequences of the “new Corona” pandemic during the year 2020.

It also included the adoption of a working mechanism for the Industrial Property Subcommittee, the Copyright, Related Rights Subcommittee and the approval of a chair for each of them, in addition to the results and recommendations of the Global Forum.

The challenges of intellectual property was organized by the Saudi Authority for Intellectual Property on October 26.

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