Al-Jouf Dates Festival witnesses a great turnout on its fourth day

The eighth Al-Jouf Dates Festival, which began last Thursday, succeeded in capturing the attention; the festival attracted a considerable number of guests.

The activities of the eighth Al-Jouf Dates Festival

The ninth Al-Jouf Dates Festival, which is hosted by the region’s administration in the governorate’s exhibition city and will last for seven days, was opened by Prince Faisal, the Emir of Al-Jawf.

The festival, now in its ninth year, offers a diverse range of cultural and literary events, as well as folk evenings, as well as specific pillars for productive families.

The ninth Al-Jouf Dates Festival featured activities tailored to various sectors and categories, as well as the participation of a large number of date producers who expressed pleasure with the services given.

The Al-Jawf Dates Festival has several advantages, the most important of which is its commitment to helping farmers, businesses, and economic activity, as well as promoting high-quality Al-Jouf agricultural products.

The Dates Festival, as well as other festivals, are popular tourist attractions because they reflect the Kingdom’s ancient tradition and history.

The event is expected to help in the creation of an interactive platform between date producers and consumers, as well as the producers’ marketing reach.

It also intends to market Al-Jawf date products on a local and regional level, with plans to plant one million palm trees in the region and produce roughly 45 thousand tonnes of dates annually.

Al-Jouf Dates Festival Awards

 Prince of Al-Jouf Award for the finest treasured dates will be presented to the winning contestants as part of the festival festivities, with a prize pool of 100,000 riyals for the first three places.

The confectionery business, drew notice throughout the celebrations, particularly the “Bakila” sweets made from prized sweet dates, as well as muthaqal, Bassaat Al-Samh, Al-Sam porridge, Al-Samh cake, and Al-Samh bread.

Sweets prepared by the hands of the festival’s productive families, such as date cake, date maamoul, and molasses, are also included in the production of Al-Jouf sweets.

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