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Al-Durra Gas Field: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait reassert exclusive ownership

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have reasserted their exclusive ownership of the Al-Durra gas field in the maritime “Divided Area,” rejecting Iran’s claims to the lucrative site.

On Tuesday, the Saudi Foreign Ministry issued a statement emphasizing the joint ownership of the field. The statement called on Iran to participate in negotiations to demarcate the eastern border of the area.

The ministry repeated its request for Iran to begin talks on demarcating the eastern border of the submerged divided area between the Kingdom and Kuwait. The ministry stressed that Saudi Arabia and Kuwait should negotiate, and that Iran should be the other party involved in the negotiations.

Kuwait’s Oil Minister Saad Al-Barrak also rejected Iran’s claims, expressing strong opposition to its planned activities in the area.

Al-Barrak rejected Iran’s planned activities around the Al-Durra offshore gas field. He demanded that Iran first enter into the demarcation of international borders, and then follow the rules of international law to determine who has a right to the field.

Kuwaiti officials have dismissed Iran’s claims to the Al-Durra gas field, asserting that the field is located in Kuwait’s territorial waters and that the natural resources therein are shared between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

The dispute over the Al-Durra gas field has been ongoing for many years, and Kuwait and Iran have held joint negotiations in an attempt to resolve the matter in accordance with international law. However, Iran’s continued activities in the area have complicated the dispute and made it more difficult to reach a resolution.

The Al-Durra gas field is a submerged area located in the Arabian Gulf, within the Al-Hasa Governorate of Saudi Arabia. The discovery of the field dates back to the 1960s, when the demarcation process for the maritime borders between Saudi Arabia and Kuwait began. The two countries have been unable to reach an agreement on the demarcation of their maritime borders, which has led to the dispute over the Al-Durra gas field.

The dispute over the Al-Durra gas field is a complex issue with no easy solution. It is important for both Kuwait and Iran to continue to engage in dialogue and to work towards a resolution that is fair and equitable for both countries.

Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have asserted their exclusive ownership of the Al-Durra gas field. They have called on Iran to negotiate, but it is unclear if Iran will be willing to do so.

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