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Ahmad Qattan: Saudi Arabia is still demanding that all means be used to deter Iran

The Saudi Minister of State for African Countries, Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Qattan, said that the Arab region faces the phenomenon of extremism that permitted the killing of innocent people and spread chaos, destruction and ruin.

According to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Qattan added, at the 153rd meeting of the Arab League Council in Cairo, that the Kingdom has endeavored with all security and legal means to combat this phenomenon and warn of its danger, and has established regional and international alliances to confront it.

He stressed that one of the most dangerous types of terrorism facing the Arab region, “is the blatant and continuous violations by the Iranian regime of international laws, covenants and norms, and its threat to the security and stability of Arab countries and interference in its internal affairs and support for armed militias that spread chaos, division and ruin in many Arab countries”.

He explained that “Saudi Arabia has repeatedly called on Iran to desist from this heinous behavior and dangerous hostile action that threatens the stability of state security and the safety of peoples, and seeks division, disagreement and sectarianism without deterrence,”.

He continued, “We still call on the international community to assume its responsibilities towards the threat posed by Iranian hostile practices and its sponsorship of terrorist activities in the region and the world from the threat to international peace and security, and to use all means to deter Iran from continuing this dangerous hostile behavior.”

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