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A Saudi Story that Transformed Taif Rocks into Masterpieces

Through an artistic initiative, a Saudi plastic artist transformed the rocks of Taif in western Saudi Arabia into masterpieces, and mastered the brightly colored drawings on the rocks to form aesthetic views.

In the details, Maha Al-Kafi remained a member of the Culture and Arts Association in Taif, for two months moving between the rocks in order to transmit the forms of the heritage of Saudi cultures through her paintings.

And the artist, who remained for 23 years practicing plastic art and drawings, told “I made my personal initiative by drawing ornaments on rocks, and I collected traditional motifs from the regions of the Kingdom in them. In Najd, I was famous for plant motifs during the employment of roses and their leaves, as well as Islamic geometric decoration, to convey it. For another region, such as the South, through the art of Al-Qatt Al-Asiri, until I came out with a unity of belonging and cultural exchange.”

She added, “I started painting in the regions of Al-Qassim, Al-Dawadmi and Taif, and the next destination is Jeddah and then Riyadh, and I will try to make in each city rocks decorated with an ancient cultural heritage.”

About her beginnings, she explained: “In my childhood I loved scribbling on the notebooks of my brothers and drawing pictures, until I became passionate about going to school. I imagined the school world in the world of beautiful colored chalk, until the school taught me a lot from elementary and middle school, and I started participating in the artistic participation in the annual school exhibition, then participated in offices taking care of young people, and then internal and external group exhibitions. “

She added: “I learned a lot in plastic art, being passionate about reading about the arts in general and about the history of art, as well as philosophy and archeology, and despite that passion for reading, I drew and am still drawing on knowledge, and that led me to delve deeper into art, its history and its various schools, until I mastered it.”

Diversity in production

She drew for all the art schools of realism, expressionism, influence and experimentalism, as well as drawing for the brutal school that appeared in Russia.

And she said: “For me, art is giving, and it is a message and history. All nations have known their history through art, so it is the language that everyone reads. Whenever the artist puts this idea about art and it is a message it will be, certainly his art and his paintings have a purpose and meaning, because I still give art, the diversity and quality of work I have attained, as well as internal or external participations, are the result of a study of my identity that I cherish as a Saudi artist, and through which I was able to produce decorations on stone.


In addition, she stressed in her speech that she seeks to master the work and emerge with a beautiful identity, whether by using symbolism in painting, or by embodying issues of concern to society, focusing on belonging to the homeland, its heritage, culture and history.

She pointed out that her ambition lies in highlighting her art well, and said: “In realism I highlight the silent nature of the torrents in Najd, and in the school of influence or impressionism is a series of my paintings in drawing fruits, vases and the beaches of my country, as well as the art of portraiture,” as she put it.

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