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A Saudi artist paints portraits using Arabic calligraphy & poetry

The Saudi artist, Muhammad Bagbir, was able to integrate Arabic calligraphy with the art of painting through “typography”, which is an unconventional art school.

In his interview with, Bagbir said that he is distinguished in both calligraphy and drawing, and that is why he was keen to combine them in his paintings.

He added that his artistic message “focuses on the interest in art and its continuous practice to reach professionalism and depth in the many schools of plastic arts.”

He explained that the art he practices is “the art of organizing and coordinating writings within the design, and it includes reducing and enlarging the sizes of letters or changing the spaces between letters and lines.”

He said that “the purpose of this art is to convey a specific message in design, whether it is written, drawn by hand or through a computer.”

Bagbir mentioned that he belongs to an artistic family, and he has been painting for 19 years.

He stressed that he is keen to place the poetic verses and words in specific locations within the portraits in a special artistic style.

He stated that he skipped “all stages of drawing” and painted in all artistic ways, but he preferred this type of art, which was admired by the pioneers of social networking sites.

He pointed out that he has won many local and Arab awards as a result of his adoption of this art.

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