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A Saudi artist embodies human life as part of his creations

A Saudi visual artist creates an art world of harmony and contradictions that translates the story of the Saudi people.

Artist Nayef Sweid is a talented artist who uses elements that are part of his surroundings, but who is not afraid of exploring new themes. He revealed that his recent artistic topics were contemporary, some of which tell the story of healthcare heroes in the face of the Corona pandemic, others about home quarantine.

A coincidence revealed his talent

Sweid tells that art was not always part of his life, but one day a physical education teacher decided to do something different: he changed his class to a drawing class, giving each student a piece of paper, and asking them to draw. The then-student Sweid painted a playground, which was praised by the teacher, who thus discovered his talent.

Along his journey as an artist, Nayef Sweid received several prizes, such as the 9th prize from the “White and Black” exhibition of the Ministry of Culture and Information 1437 and the Jazan Award for Literary and Artistic Creativity.

Nature, folklore, and imagination are the artist’s sources of inspiration. He revealed that his ambition now is to put paintings in the largest exhibitions and museums in the world.

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