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A Look on the Chinese Tai Chi Saudi coach, in the Middle East

By : Marwa Mahmoud

She moves her hands slowly, leaning her body in a smooth flow, amid mental focus, to win the Chinese “Tai Chi” sport. Thus, the Saudi young woman Amatullah practiced with the skill of that sport to be a certified trainer and a pioneer of “Tai Chi” health programs in the Middle East.

Speaking with Al, she said: “Tai Chi is one of the methods of the Chinese kung fu game, and it is more than 3 thousand years old, but it is distinguished by its slow and gentle movement, she started in Sheffield – Britain as a treatment prescription for chronic back pain and suffering from treatment types.

 In 2010, she loved its details and the interesting challenges in its performance, and decided to continue learning it not only as a remedy, but as a hobby and fun. “

She added: “I learned from this sport patience and calmness, how to live the moment and focus on myself in it, and how to control my emotions, in addition to that I began to discover parts of my body and how I can control my joints, so as to ensure their protection and the prevention of pain and injuries in them.”

And she continued: “The sport of Tai Chi is important for the human body, as it is a mental-physical sport, training for the mind to interact with the body, to result in an improvement of balance and motor coordination.”

Amatullah confirmed that medical studies have shown that consciously slow movement during the practice of tai chi stimulates the flow of various body fluids, resulting in improvement in blood circulation and lymph fluids and results in improved public health.

She stressed that people refuse to use natural methods of treatment, because it needs a very long period for its results to appear, but the advantage of Tai Chi is that it gives its results in a short time

The young woman, Ummatullah, obtained two licenses, as a trained trainer from the Tai Chi Health Organization, and her programs are now offered to those who wish to benefit from them or to train them for others, whether in sports clubs, physical therapy centers, social centers or schools and universities.

She said: “Currently we practice tai chi as a sports group within the Sports Federation for All, but I am seeking to establish a sports association for tai chi under the umbrella of the Ministry of Sports in Saudi Arabia, to be able to establish a system for it and spread it better in schools, universities and clubs, in addition to that it will be the only destination For Middle Eastern countries to accredit trainers in Tai Chi Health Programs.”

It is noteworthy that “Bahaziq” has achieved many achievements, to be approved by the Tai Chi Health Organization in January 2015, and this sport have become practiced in sports clubs, physical therapy centers and social centers, and so far more than 150 male and female trainers have been approved in various regions of Saudi Arabia.

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