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A look into the old Kaaba dress weaving machine

A look into the old Kaaba dress weaving machine

One of the oldest pieces of machinery, the manual jacquard weaving machine for the Holy Kaaba’s robe, was built in 1801.

The inner and exterior fabric of the Kaaba is made from it. The Al-Haramain Architecture Museum in Makkah is home to this relic.

In 2015, the Kaaba Kiswa factory received a modern Tajima embroidery machine, which is one of the most advanced technologies in the field of embroidery.

The Kaaba’s clothing is encircled on all sides by motifs woven in a “jacquard” style with black textile threads.

The lines (Oh Allah, O Allah), (There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is His Messenger), (Glory be to Allah and praise be to Him), (Glory be to Allah the Great), and (O Dayan, O Manan) is repeated on all of the garment’s components.

Architecture Exhibition at Al Haramain

It’s worth noting that the exhibition of the architecture of the Two Holy Mosques is both a cultural window and a historical platform for showcasing the Two Holy Mosques’ most important archaeological and historical collections from various periods.

The exhibition is attracting a large number of visitors from all walks of life, particularly visitors to the Holy House of God and pilgrims.

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