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6 Saudi Fighter Jets arrive at the US Nellis base

The Royal Saudi Air Force group arrived at US Nellis Air Base on Wednesday, for the 25-day “Red Flag – 2022” exercise.

Lieutenant Colonel Pilot Talal Al Saud reported that all participants from the air, technical, and support crews, as well as six multi-role F-15SA aircraft, the most recent among its counterparts, arrived for the exercise.

He went on to say that this is the Royal Saudi Air Force’s ninth participation in the exercise, which is known for its precision in developing scenarios that replicate the reality of fighting in an advanced electronic warfare environment.

The most complicated simulated dangers in the exercise, he continued, allowed him to test fighting capabilities and make the most of them in real fights.

The Royal Saudi Air Force’s participation in the Red Flag exercise is part of a pre-planned training plan to improve the Air Force’s combat readiness.

It also aims to train the troops in a varied air environment and highlight the participants’ efficiency in preparation, preparedness, and combat procedures.

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