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5G war … who is the winner?

By : Marwa Mahmoud

In the midst of the coronavirus war, China and the US are attempting to launch war in 5 G technology. China is widely recognized as a leader in 5G, but is the US really falling behind?

What is the 5G?

5 G is the 5th mobile network generation. This is a new regional broadband standard with 1 G, 2 G, 3 G and 4 G networks. 5 G creates a new kind of network designed to link essentially everyone and everything together, including computers, artifacts and apps.

Is it the cause of the pandemic?

Update: Since the advent of the Coronavirus pandemic, a variety of viral social media fake stories have circulated that 5G is the cause of the latest problems in the world. Simple words, these statements are factually inaccurate. 5G is not the cause of Coronavirus.

Huawei and china’s spy methods:

Huawei represents the biggest fear for US government .As they think that Huawei could eavesdrop secrets by the Chinese government; there are numerous efforts from the Pentagon to open-source 5G software to give networks a more trusted alternative.

The US Defense Department has consistently claimed that Huawei symbolizes to a compromised security and has decided to make numerous strategies to stop carriers and other U.S. companies from using its networking hardware.

5G race between U.S & China:

The focus of the global 5G race is on China and the US. Prominent politicians and organizations in China claim that the country is the world leader in 5G technology. While the US confesses that Huawei has built more 5G networks than American companies, it denies the claim that China is ahead of 5G technology.

Huawei declared on its official website, in February 2019 that “Huawei is the leading provider of 5G solutions”. Ni Guangnan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering ,On 26 October 2019, said,  “When it comes to 5G, China is making faster progress than the rest of the world. Every Chinese city is embarking on 5G deployment. Do you see the same being done elsewhere in the world?” On 14 December 2019, ZTE senior vice president, Liu Jian, commented that China is at the forefront of 5G technology, and that Huawei and ZTE are 10 to 11 months ahead of Ericsson and Nokia in terms of 5G technology.

US is seeking to find the alternative to 5G:

Compounding the problem is that there is no American company that manufactures an end-to – end 5 G solution. This has already led to the proposal within the US DoD that it could fund European equivalents to Huawei, such as Ericsson and Nokia. They could fill holes in the U.S. engineering, such as the cell phone towers.

bat the egging of this year ,  the US DoD alerted that 5 G was a war that America was on way to losing, and explicitly called for possibilities that the state would risk relinquishing to China if new policies were not put in place.

Authored by the Defense Innovation Board at the DoD, it described factors such as the US use of mmWave as possibly creating a gap between 5 G in America and abroad. Absent the US to direct the implementation of 5 G, the authors argue that international firms like Huawei will take the lead in hardware rollout, and compromised security would be unavoidable.

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