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30 countries gather in Riyadh to display their products in the year of coffee 2022

30 countries gather in Riyadh to display their products in the year of coffee 2022

With the opening of the year of Saudi coffee 2022, 30 countries gathered in Riyadh, together with 300 international firms specializing in coffee manufacturing.

The events of the “Seventh International Coffee and Chocolate Exhibition” conducted at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center, will display more than 10 items.

The best coffee in the world

Saudi Arabia produces some of the world’s greatest coffee varieties in its south, and Saudi farmers tend to coffee trees to create the best and finest coffee crops and market them domestically and globally.

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has designated 2022 as the Year of Saudi Coffee, based on the uniqueness of Saudi coffee in society, at all phases of production, cultivation, preparation, and presentation, which may not be available in the same way in other countries.

Arabica coffee 

Yahya Al-Khalidi, a farmer and coffee enthusiast, told “Arabic coffee is one of the best and finest sorts of coffee in the world,” he said.

In Saudi Arabia, it is known by two names: Al-Khawlani coffee, which is grown in the governorates of Al-Dayer, Fifa, Harroub, Al-Ardah, and Al-Raith, and Al-Shadawi coffee, which is associated with Shada Mountain in Al-Baha.

Coffee Seeds

Sowing it is an intention, according to Al-Khalidi, and it takes 45 days to three months for it to germinate, after which it is transferred to a spot known as “Al-Marakun” before being planted on the farm during a six-month to a one-year period.

Coffee is grown extensively in the Jazan region’s hilly governorates, with Al-Dayer accounting for over 70% of Saudi Arabia’s coffee harvest.

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